Phyto Sintesi Silk Cream for Stretch Marks


  • Improves skin elasticity during pregnancy and dieting
  • Helps combat the formation of stretch marks and reduces the look of existing ones
  • Provides moisturizing, nourishing and firming benefits
  • Suitable treatment for those undergoing rapid changes of weight due to intensive diets
This cream is rich in silk protein and  hydrating properties, this Silk Cream improves the skin's elasticity and strengthens it, optimizes the look of stretch marks and cellulite, and makes the skin feel firm and radiant. The cream can be used during pregnancy or dieting to increase elasticity.
  • Main Ingredients:
      • Musk Rose Oil
      • Elastin
      • Collagen
      • Wheat Seed Extract
      • Panthenol
      • Horsetail Extract
        Hydrolized Silk
Directions:  Apply the cream twice a day to the area, by gently massaging in.
Size 250 ml, 8.5 ounce