Gernetic gentle Flower Acid Lotion Soft Peeling 40 ml


Gernetic Gentle Flower Acid Lotion, Soft Peeling

Gently exfoliates, removes the dry dead skin cells, promotes cell regeneration, the skin becomes soft and renewed.

Suitable for devitalized skins. Do not apply on acne prone skin, or inflamed skin.

Main Ingredients:

  • Extracts of frangipani flowers,
  • freesia,
  • hibiscus,
  • rich in active acids, also called Alpha-Hydroxy Acids or AHA malic, lactic, tartaric and anti-oxidant properties for a soft and gradual exfoliating action.

These extracts also provide softening emollient, moisturizing actions

Application:  Apply onto skin, you can spray it onto the palms of  your hands, then gently a dab onto face avoiding the eye area. Leave it for  a few minutes, then without rinsing proceed with product application for appropriate skin type. Use this product once a week.

Size 40 ml