Diego Dalla Palma Reshaping Body Wrap Cream


A cream-wrap with a sauna effect to target and intensively sculpt stubborn localized fat on belly and hips. Its special easily-absorbed formula, infused with micronized fucus and laminaria seaweed makes it is a professional no-rinse product that can be comfortably used at home for fast and visible results. Ideal for stimulating skin microcirculation, targeting localized fat deposits, reducing cellulite-related imperfections and tightening loose skin on belly and hips. Enriched with elasticizing and anti-stretch mark hydroxyproline, it helps tighten skin and sculpt your body for a more harmonious and well-proportioned body.

HOW TO USE: Apply with light massages, starting from the ankles and moving upwards towards the upper leg, thighs, hips, belly area.  

Size 150 ml