Casmara Hydra Lifting Firming Plus Moisturizing Serum, For Dry, Dehydrated, Mature Skin


Casmara Hydra Lifting Plus Moisturizing Serum with Marine Biotechnology, skin firming ingredients. For skin that needs extra moisture.

Main Ingredients:

  •  Hyadisine a powerful moisturizing active ingredient retaining 97% more moisture than hyaluronic acid.
  • Activating 14 genes responsible for skin firmness.
  •  Cell-detox. Detains and reverses cellular ageing.
  • Deep firming effect, restoring lost volume.

RESULTS: Visibly rejuvenated skin after 15 days of HYDRA LIFTING beauty care. 85% more toned,
90% firmer and 70% more hydrated skin.
 Suitable for mature skin that needs
profound firming.

Directions: Apply a small amount of the serum to face and neck, massage in lightly. Use twice daily. For best results, apply the Hydra Lifting cream next.

Size 30 ml, 1 ounce



An Eco Natural Line with Ecocert active Ingredients.