Fillift Collagen Filler, Lifting and Filling Concentrate Diego Dalla Palma


An Ultra lifting cosmetic treatment, pure anti-aging active ingredients.

1. Plumps and fills with 5 different Hyaluronic acids, acts on deeper wrinkles such as the nasolabial folds.

2. Repositioning, with Collalift and Dermaplex peptides, stimulates the production of structural collagen in the different layers of the skin and harmonizes facial volume and contours.

3. BTX Hexapeptide, extremely effective on Expression lines, Wrinkles, with a thick plumping texture it instantly creates a thin modelling firm which helps to shape facial contours. 

Ideal for the face, neck, and hands.                                                                

Main Ingredients:

  • 5D Hyaluronic acid with plumping properties
  • CollaLift  stimulates the production of collagen
  • Amplified BTX Hexapeptides
  • Dermaplex Peptides


Open the ampoule apply1 or 2 drops onto palm, using fingertips apply onto face and neck, especially to the Expression lines. Use day and night.  Next apply the Fillift cream.

Box containing 3 ampoules 3. 5 ml