Diego Dalla Palma Resurface Bright C, Pure glow Elixir


Pure glow, anti-dark spot lightening, brightening serum with Pro-White a stabilized Vitamin C ingredient and an anti-spot, anti-wrinkle illuminating treatment.

Reduces wrinkles, uneven complexion and dark spots. For age spots, sun spots, hormonal hyperpigmentation, post acne blemishes and spots on face and hands.

Active ingredients

  • Stabilized Vitamin C, high anti-oxidants with an anti-wrinkle, anti-spot illuminating action
  • Pro-White, lightens a powerful brightening anti-spot action.
  • Detox Light with Hyaluronic acid, hydrating smoothing, lightening.

Directions: Apply  serum to face and neck avoid the eye area, use day and night. For best results use along with the Anti-dart spot Illuminating cream.

Size 30 ml