Diego Dalla Palma - Face Illuminating Anti-Age, Anti-Spot Sun care SPF 50


A high protective cream SPF50 with UVA, UVB protection with anti-aging benefits.  It helps to protect the skin against the suns rays and reduces redness and irritation. With a combination of Vitamin C and E it reduces dark spots discoloration and wrinkles that can be caused by the sun. 

Main Ingredients: 

  • Vitamin C with anti-wrinkle and anti-spot action, it is ideal for combating the formation of spots and discoloration caused by sun rays.
  • DNA Smart Protection activates cellular protection processes against UV,  blue light, promotes DNA repair processes, protects collagen and elastin fibers from the harmful effects of sun rays.
  • Anti-pollution factor  protects the skin from environmental pollutants and the harmful action of free radicals.
  • SPF50 Sun Protection Factor

Directions:   Apply sunscreen generously before sun exposure , reapply frequently to maintain protection, especially after sweating, bathing or drying. Apply to face area, can also concentrate on darker spots on the face.  

Size 50 ml, 1.7 ounce