RVB Simply White, for dull complexion and hyperpigmentation, skin glows with a new light.

Simply White is a complete and functional system that acts on the various causes behind cutaneous hyperpigmentation. Using the combined action of exfoliating active ingredients and the complex of depigmenting ingredients with elevated whitening, Simply White reduces and lightens skin blotches. The result is radiant, even, smooth skin. Visible effects from the first application. Effective exfoliation with powerful ingredients, even for sensitive skins

RVB Oro 

Anti-age luxurious facial skin care. RVB stands for Research, Value and Beauty. RVB Oro helps to increase elasticity, smoothness and radiance and bringing new life to the skin. Featured product, RVB Oro Lift Filling Serum, anti-age concentrate for the face and neck, revolutionary formula provides an immediate filling in of wrinkles, along with a plumping, lifting effect. Powerful peptides and other ingredients stimulate the cells to produce collagen.The skin is refined and smooth.