Rosa Graf Eye Gel


Rosa Graf Eye Gel, a refreshing, firming, quickly effective eye gel which smoothes away eye wrinkles, revives tired eyes and results in a radiant appearance. Hydro gel base with fibrostimulants and isoflavones derived from Soy. This formula helps to restore the moisture level, visibly smoothes eye wrinkles an provides a refreshed appearance.

Main Ingredients:

Phyto-Collastin Plant based Collagen and Elastin, isoflavones Soya (Phyto-hormones), Avocado oil.

Directions: Use this eye gel, under your eye cream as a booster for extra moisture. Or can be used as an eye mask. Apply all around the eyes, allow 15 minutes to take effect. Remove with warm eye compresses.

Size 15 ml, 1/2 ounce.

Our Rosa Graf products are for sale in Canada only