Phyris Perfect Age Decollete, Neck Anti-Age


Anti-aging cream for the neck decollete and bosom firms prevents aging and loss of elasticity. 

The delicate area around the neck, decollete and bosom need special attention, this area can show signs of aging and wrinkles. The Phyris Perfect Age Decollete and neck cream has advanced ingredients that supports collagen synthesis and stimulate the production of proteins, wrinkle depth is reduced and the skin's structure appears smooth and tight. High tech algae extracts supports and protects the skin against moisture loss, the skin appears firm and smooth. Isoflavones help to support the tissue and firms the delicate skin beautifully. With each application the skin becomes firmer and more radiant looking. 

Suitable for mature and dry skin.

Application: Use the special cream on the neck decollete area twice per day, massage gently until absorbed. 

Ingredients: High tech algae, silk proteins, Iris extract. 

Size 75 ml