Phyris Eyezone Golden Cream Eye and Mask, Paraben Free


Rich formulation with microfine gold and Hyaluronic a natural ingredient that plumps up skin cells for a smooth and radiant look. With microfine gold, fine gold particles illuminate and brighten the undereye area, helping with dark circles. Peptides help reduce the lines and wrinkles, Red Algae improves elasticity around the eye area, improving the look and smoothing wrinkles. 

The  formula is free of Preservatives, Parabens and artificial fragrances. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Directions:  Use the Eyezone golden cream as your daily eye cream, or you can use the product as an eye mask to refresh the eye area. Apply the mask around the eye area, leave on for approximately 20 minutes and then remove with cotton pads and warm water. 

Main ingredients: Microfine gold, Hyaluronic, Red Algae, Active Peptides, Shea Butter. 

Size 15 ml, 0.5 ounce.