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Icon Super Mask, Anti-aging Repairing Mask, Diego Dalla Palma


Icon Anti-aging super Mask

Main Ingredients:

  • Age Delay Complex-Delays ageing and repairs With lifting plumping toning action It skin stimulates skin youth proteins and delays ageing cells
  • Golden collagenine - stimulates collagen, brightening, nourishing, Platinum / energizing for dull tired skin, improves micro circulation, increases cellular metabolism
  • Diamond Dust- brightening, anti spot, Silver micronized - Anti-inflammaging, protects from environmental attack including bacteria pollution and viruses
  • No ages peptide- Anti-wrinkle, lifting, toning
  • Hyaluronic acid- Plumping & hydrating
Directions:  After cleansing, appy the mask, leave on for 10 tp 20 minutes.