Face It Cleansing cloth Heart shaped, day and night cloth


  • The FACE IT gentle-cleansing face cloth is designed to provide a perfect make-up removal and a deep cleansing action. Our two pockets advanced heart shaped face cloth allow you to combine a circulatory massage with a soothing microfiber blend promoting your natural glow
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: lather cleansing lotion to the face and neck. Place hands into the pockets of the cloth and bring it under running warm water. Clean and gently massage your face and neck in circular motions.
  • GENTLE-CLEANSING ACTION: Deep gentle cleansing micro fibre action with specialized edges removes dirt, oily build-up and bacteria for all skin types. Removes make-up residue and dead skin cells. Stimulates blood circulation to rejuvenate the skin. Leaves your skin softer to the touch with a healthier, more radiant glow.
Each box contains: - 2 FaceIt cloths; one pink (day time and 1 black night time cloth)