BeautyMed Vitamin C Serum


Special packaging with isolated, encapsulated concentrated pure Vitamin C powder to preserve
and enhance all its properties. Combined with the serum, they become an efficient skincare
routine dedicated to the beauty and well-being of the skin.

  • Highly concentrated Vitamin C serum
  • Improves skin firmness and tonus
  • Brightens the skin tone
  • Hydrates and restores the skin softness and fine texture
  • Returns dull skin natural radiant and glowing complexion

Directions: The serum, can be used daily or as a 3 week treatment. Serum preparation: Turn the white plastic top until click and then push the top strongly on it to release the powder into the bottle. Replace the white plastic top with the pipette. Mix 5 seconds and let the powder dissolve with the serum. Mix once again for about 5 seconds.

Product use: Use in the evening. Apply the serum onto a clean, dry face and neck with circular motions until complete absorption. Follow with an appropriate cream

Size 4 vials, 6 ml, 0.2 oz