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Alex Cosmetic Medical Loft, Botanical Lifting Serum to Reduce Wrinkles


A Botanical Lifting Serum, restore fullness, density and firmness and smoothes wrinkles.


3-fold Hyaluronic Acid complex penetrates into deeper skin layers with time release and long lasting moisture supply, supports cell renewal and improves skin firmness.

Long-chained Hyaluronic Acid [HMW] forms a moisturizing film on the skin’s surface and works anti-inflammatory.

Smoothes the skin and relaxes the muscles, to reduce the depth and length or wrinkles. It is the natural alternative and non-evasive product which provides immediate smoothing and resurfacing - without injections.

Directions:  Apply a couple of drops of the serum to face and neck, use especially on the crows feet, around mouth, where there are visible lines.  Apply Morning and Evening.

Size 30 ml